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    Handling the Logistics of Filming on Location

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Many filmmakers prefer to shoot on location rather than in a studio because location shooting provides realism that no movie set can accurately reproduce. Shooting on location can be logistically challenging, however, which is why many production companies only film certain scenes on location. Pyramid Logistics can help you streamline your location shoots by taking care of all your transportation needs. In order to have a smooth location shoot, you should:

    Make a Complete Inventory of Equipment

    Shooting a film requires lighting arrays, sound equipment, cameras, and many other pieces of delicate, expensive equipment. When you are doing a location shoot, you will need to transport all of these from a studio or warehouse to the location. Make a detailed inventory so you can secure the proper insurance and ensure that all equipment is accounted for on both ends.

    Coordinate Schedules and Obtain Permits

    When you conduct a location shoot, you will need to obtain all necessary permits for the city where you are filming. These differ from municipality to municipality, so you will need to have your legal team begin the permitting process early to ensure that you approved on time. Before you set a schedule with your crew and actors, make sure that you lock down the dates with your desired location.

    Hire a Logistics Transportation Service

    If you will be transporting large or delicate items, such as period cars or specially constructed set pieces, you want to ensure that they arrive on location without suffering any damage such as dents or scratches. A professional transportation logistics service that specializes in such shipping and delivery can ensure that all of your equipment and materials arrive at your filming location in excellent condition.

    Call Pyramid Logistics today at (714) 793-9825 if you would like to contract our services for your next on-location shoot. We have extensive experience moving delicate pieces for major Hollywood productions, as well as for special exhibition tours around the nation. Our team of professionals will be available 24 hours a day so that you can take an active role in monitoring all logistical operations for your project.

    Tips for Maintaining Your Contacts After a Trade Show

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Trade shows offer a fantastic opportunity to display your products or explain your services to colleagues in your industry, but they also provide a valuable forum where you can make business contacts. For example, the friendly exhibitor whose display is next to yours might be a more reliable vendor than the one you are currently using, and he or she may be able to help you streamline your supply chain logistics. The tips below will help you maintain any connections you make at a trade show.

    Socialize During the Show

    Most trade shows last several days, which gives you ample opportunity to cement connections that you make on the first day. One of the best ways to do this is to socialize with the people who you would most like to add to your list of close contacts. After everyone closes up shop for the day, approach one or two people and invite them for a drink. If all goes well, you can go out for a meal afterwards.

    Send Seasonal Greetings

    After the show is over, it is important to maintain contact with your new connections so that their memory of you and your business stays fresh in their mind. Send a greeting with your company logo, either digitally or on paper, at the next major holiday, and thank them for spending time with you at the trade show.

    Ask for Estimates or Proposals

    Even if you have a contract with a vendor, supplier, or service provider, and you cannot yet do business with your new connection, you can keep contact by asking for quotes, estimates, or proposals. Be honest and transparent: let them know exactly when you will be looking for a new service or supply provider, and ask them for specific pricing details.

    At Pyramid Logistics, we provide you with complete managed transportation and set up services during your trade show so that you can focus on making business connections and interacting with customers. Our dedicated team of professionals will make sure that your display materials arrive in pristine condition, and set them up and take them down in a timely fashion. Call us at (714) 793-9825 for more information about our services.

    3 Types of Businesses that Can Benefit from Regular Logistics Services

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Managing logistics such as shipping heavy or delicate items, maintaining product inventory, and delivering orders to clients can consume a lot of time for a business owner. Pyramid Logistics provides a full range of logistics transportation and warehousing services. We take care of the details so that you can focus on creating the best products or providing the best services that you can. Types of businesses that have benefited from our services include:

    Car Dealerships and Custom Car Builders

    Transporting cars from one location to another can be logistically difficult, because they are very large, yet any dents or scratches detract from their value. Whether you own a small custom race car shop or a chain of large dealerships, Pyramid Logistics can transport vehicles any distance you require. We provide closed or open transportation with all the latest safety features.

    Online Retailers

    As your online retail store begins to grow from a small at-home operation into a large-scale profitable business, you will face challenges with supply chain logistics, product storage, and delivery to clients and customers. At our modern warehouse facilities in Las Vegas and Southern California, Pyramid Logistics can hand all these details for you, including distribution, inventory receiving, and much more.

    Film Studios

    In order to do location shoots, a film production company needs to transport sensitive equipment including cameras, lighting arrays, sound recording equipment, sets, vehicles, and much more to the site. Pyramid Logistics has experience managing equipment transportation for film productions on all scales, and we can ensure that your most delicate items arrive at the shooting location in excellent condition, and that they leave that way as well.

    If you are interested in contracting our services for your trade show, mobile marketing tour, film shoot, or warehousing needs, call us today at (714) 793-9825 to learn how we can streamline all these processes and provide you with top tier service.

    Highlights from the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Few trade shows attract as much media attention as auto shows. Though there are auto shows held in many major cities, such as Los Angeles and Chicago, the crown jewel in the auto show circuit is the Detroit auto show. This annual event highlights Motor City’s continued love affair with the automobile.

    Watch this video to see highlights from the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. You will not only get a brief tour of the city, but you will also see some of the most compelling exhibits from top car manufacturers.

    You can create a memorable, exhilarating, engaging trade show appearance like those in the video with help from Pyramid Logistics. Our transportation logistics experts can safely deliver any displays, no matter how delicate or complicated, to any location, domestic or international. Call us at (714) 793-9825 for more information about our services.

    The Pyramid Team

    Last updated 8 months ago

    Though we are among the nation’s largest providers of transportation logistics services, at Pyramid Logistics we provide each and every customer with intimate, personalized service tailored to meet their specific requirements for any trade show event, mobile marketing campaign, or inventory management service.

    Each of our customers works in close contact with a team of professionals to efficiently manage all operations. A dedicated account executive will work with you to coordinate your Pyramid team, which consists of on-site show representatives, operations staff, customer service representatives, and drivers. Each member of your Pyramid Logistics team will be equipped with a cell phone so he or she can be reached at all times during your event. We handle any last-minute changes to the schedule or logistics with speed and efficiency, and we will also plan for any setbacks.

    Whether you need a complicated display of delicate materials transported to a trade show or an inventory of products stored and cataloged, Pyramid Logistics will provide you with impeccable customized service. To speak with one of our representatives, call us today at (714) 793-9825.

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