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    Building Brand Awareness With Your Trade Show Booth

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Trade shows are an excellent way to come face-to-face with hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. With that much potential awareness, however, it is important that your trade show booth looks its best so that you can build and expand your overall brand awareness. To do so, keep in mind that the purpose of your exhibit is to attract visitors so that you can achieve your marketing objectives. Strolling event attendees will decide in just a few seconds if you are worth stopping and talking to. With that in mind, focus on compelling graphics as opposed to excessive amounts of copy. For more information on designing a compelling trade show booth, watch this short video.

    Once you have your booth created, contact Pyramid Logistics to learn more about the best way to transport your event exhibit. Call (714) 793-9825 with your questions or visit our website to read more about our full range of services.

    What Should Your Trade Show Staff Wear?

    Last updated 10 months ago

    While preparing for your participation at your next trade show or event, you have likely considered your booth presentation, the quality of your handouts, and the training of your staff. But if you haven’t considered apparel, you may be making an oversight. An aesthetically unified team can help your business to look polished and professional. When choosing attire for you and your staff, consider what will look best with your overall booth color scheme and design. The outfits that you wear at your trade show or event should also reflect your organization as a whole. However, it is also important for you to keep your team’s comfort in mind. Provide layering options to help your team stay comfortable in the often variant climate that is your typical convention center.

    Would you like to learn more about effective trade show planning? Call Pyramid Logistics at (714) 793-9825 or visit us on the Web today to learn more about our event storage and shopping services.

    Inside the Largest Wine and Grape Trade Show

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Trade shows come in all shapes and sizes and can feature any number of industries. However, one of our favorite annual events is the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, the nation’s largest wine and grape trade show. Based in Sacramento, this three-day wine and grape event showcases advancements in wine science and technology, industry developments, and consumer trends. With more than 12,000 attendees, the show features demonstrations of the latest and greatest tools necessary to commercially prepare wine and includes more than 70 educational presentations. And, of course, attendees can enjoy plenty of wine tasting opportunities as well! To learn more about this exciting event, watch this short video.

    Offering mobile truck tours, warehousing services, air freight options, and mobile trucks, Pyramid Logistics can assist you with all of your trade show transportation and logistics needs. Call (714) 793-9825 or visit us online to learn more.

    Tips for Getting Your Trade Show Booth to Stand Out From the Crowd

    Last updated 10 months ago

    If you frequently attend trade shows, you know just how important it is to have your display materials safely warehoused and efficiently transported. But trade show success is also about constantly innovating your corporate message and brainstorming new ways to introduce your product to an increasingly competitive market. When you attend a trade show, here is how to make your booth stand out from the crowd.

    Tell a Story

    The best tradeshow booths rely on a wide range of visual stimuli and marketing tools to convey a powerful message. Rather than focus just on your products, capitalize on brochures, flyers, display tools, and even what you wear to tell a story about your company. Remember, tradeshows usually allow for only seconds-long meetings with new clients. Make a lasting impression, but don’t try to sell on your first meeting.

    Engage New Clients

    You may have the most innovative product on the market, but trade show attendees need a reason to stop by your booth if you want them to hear all about it. Bring people to your booth by promoting your participation and products on social media and using a game or contest to attract on-site attendees. When people are excited to visit your booth, they will be just as excited to hear about your ideas. Engaging new clients is the first step in both generating leads and forming lasting relationships.

    Offer Extras

    Not every business can afford to have a huge booth or display with flashing lights, but there are plenty of other ways to make your company stand out. If you have a small table, consider adding personal touches and even offering coffee and cookies to draw in new leads.

    At Pyramid Logistics, trade shows are a full-time endeavor and a priority. With decades of experience in trade show warehousing, logistics, and transportation, we know what it takes to get your properties where they need to be on-time and on budget. Check out our online specials or call (714) 793-9825 today to learn more about our trade show survival kit.

    Three Ways That Social Media Can Help You Create Trade Show Buzz

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Today, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are for far more than just catching up with friends or tracking down long-lost high school classmates. Nearly every successful business regularly relies on social media to sustain innovative marketing campaigns and brand outreach strategies. If your business is preparing to attend a trade show, get existing and future clients excited about your brand with these three tips for generating trade show buzz.

    Promote Your Show on YouTube

    If you want to avoid pricey ads but still want to get your story across, YouTube is the perfect place for your company’s pre-tradeshow promotion. Capitalize on your marketing message by creating a video that directly incorporates your Twitter feed. For example, strategize reasons for attendees to visit your booth, and make sure that story gets across in a pre-show YouTube video and is sustained throughout the show with regular Tweets.

    Announce Special Contests

    One of the best ways to draw visitors in during the trade show itself is to announce special offers and contests beforehand on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog. Beginning weeks or even months before a tradeshow, begin promoting your company’s participation. For extra motivation, consider adding pictures of attendees in front of your colorful display or signage.

    Connect on LinkedIn

    Most companies today rely on a combination of Facebook and LinkedIn to serve as the public face of their brand. LinkedIn is especially valuable in allowing your business to reach out directly to potential customers. Before a tradeshow, join the show’s relevant groups. After the trade show is complete, find a contact on Facebook or LinkedIn and add a personalized not to stay in touch.

    Here at Pyramid Logistics, we offer more than just full-service trade show warehousing and shipping. With vans specially designed to get your displays where they need to go in a safe, timely, and reliable manner and state-of-the-art electronic transportation services, our tradeshow specialists are committed to staying on the cutting edge of tradeshow logistics and support. Call us today at (714) 793-9825 to get started!

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